Thursday, July 16, 2015

A book you should read...

Learning to Swim: A Novel

By Sara J. Henry

Troy Chance is a perfectly ordinary woman, strong, smart, and fiercely independent. When she spies a small child disappear into the icy waters of Lake Champlain, she instinctively jumps into rescue him. She and the boy, in reality a forgotten and frightened kidnap victim, emerge on the shore only to find themselves surrounded by mystery and murder. Chance travels the Northeast and Canada, carefully and beautifully detailed by Sara Henry, searching for the boy’s family, looking for clues on his past and his identity. As she uncovers secrets, lies, and leads, she grows ever closer to the truth and ever closer to danger.
Sara Henry weaves a well-crafted story with suspenseful twists and turns. She builds the sense of foreboding and danger with a gentle touch. Her characters are well developed, and more than believable, they often seem like the neighbors next door. Careful pacing and a deep, multi-layered storyline make Learning to Swim, A Novel a smart thriller worth your time. I will be recommending this to many of my friends.

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